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Meet your Selsey South and Sidlesham/Selsey North Conservative Candidates for the District Council Elections 2nd May 2019 Conservative Councillors

Working together for Selsey

The Selsey Conservative team are working together to sustain a strong local business environment, to sustain employment, build a closer community, maintain our unique heritage and protect our coastline.

Welcome the Selsey Branch of the Chichester Conservative Association

Incorporating Selsey South and
Sidlesham with Selsey North

Selsey is part of the Chichester Constituency and is right on the southernmost tip of the Manhood Peninsula.

The population is around 12,000, rising to well over 30,000 in the summer months, and the tourist industry is crucial to the local economy.

Equally important to the local economy is the local fishing industry, and Selsey is renowned for the ‘Selsey Crab’.

It suffers with poor road access to Chichester but has a bustling local business community and residents who are passionate about the preservation of their unique local heritage.

Roger Barrow, currently Chair of the Selsey Business Partnership and a new District Council candidate for Selsey South in the 2015 local election

John Connor, Currently Chairman of the Selsey Branch and Cabinet Member for the Environment

Darren Wakeman is a new candidate this year for Selsey North. He is very keen to be a point of contact for local residents to get the best from Chichester District Council services and to promote Selsey’s future.

John Elliott, a new candidate for the District Council Election in Selsey South. He has a particular interest in restoration projects that maintain the historical ambience of the area which have included inland waterways.

Carol Purnell, candidate for Selsey North is currently a District Councillor and Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning. Renowned for her tenacious and no-nonsense approach, she has already achieved much for Selsey

Selsey South Ward,
Roger Barrow and John Elliott

Sidlesham and Selsey North Ward
Tricia Tull and Carol Purnell

Why Vote for Us?

Local government is about what is best for Selsey and Sidlesham, and not necessarily Central Government and we only support the party line if it is in our local best interests. We have no influence on national politics or government policy, although we appreciate these are things that people are concerned about.

For example, we did not follow the party line in the recent Council vote on A27 routes, and were successful in influencing the Council to vote in favour of a northern route as a preferred option. We were disappointed however to learn that both schemes under consideration have been ruled unworkable or unaffordable. We will continue to lobby for a satisfactory solution.

We have good links with our colleagues in the Country Council, where we often lobby on issues that affect residents, such as social care, crime, roads, potholes and waste strategy.

We are proud to be part of a District Council that is one of the best managed authorities in the UK. Finances are sensibly managed and most important, we believe the District Council should do all it can to protect the most vulnerable in our society. We continue to lobby the County Council who have responsibility for Social Care.

We also have a close working relationship and support from Gillian Keegan, our local MP for Chichester, which allows us to keep her well informed on local issues.

If we are successful in the next local election we promise to serve you, irrespective of your political persuasion, and will do our best to influence the Council to protect the interests of Selsey  and Sidesham Residents

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